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As though we are a Digital marketing Agency, we provide differnt types of services. Some are listed below with description.

Content Writing

Content writing service at goldprime marketingAre you tired of hunting for writers and negotiate the price? We pair your project with freelance affordable writers who will relate best to your needs. You just need to let us know your requirements, your SEO focused keywords, and here we’ll start working on your project. Your order will be completed within 24 hours. Our authors are taking turnaround time seriously and working to increase their rate of “lines per hour” It means you’ll be getting your content faster.

Each order you complete is rated for consistency. This supports authors who perform well. Writers not doing well are being demoted. All this keeps motivating our writers to produce top-notch material that will help your business marketing succeed!

Rank your website on First Page on Google

Experts in search engine optimization (SEO) agree that high-quality content can bring your website to the top of the search results. That is possible because Google rewards websites that frequently and regularly publish high-quality content. Google is now penalizing domains that have little or poor quality material. Using our content-writing services you can boost your website in the top search of google.

Ignite Your Community

The key to any marketing strategy for social media is to build content and eye-catching description that people want to share regularly. Now you can easily boost your social media content by using our professional services. We create high-quality, engaging blog posts that will Tweet the audience on Twitter and boost your follower on Instagram and share your page on Facebook, we provide content for all social media including Pinterest, Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, Twitter and all other social media platform and we know each platform concisely. 

Get Professional Content Marketing and Succeed

Successful campaigns for content marketing needs eye-catching content and a diverse mix of content types. Our writers will produce blogs, blog posts, ebooks, social media posts, white papers, and any other form of written content that you need for content marketing to thrive.

Content Writing Services Strategy

Gold Prime Marketing development services will do a thorough review of your business and research your audience to plan a particular strategy. We’ll make up the mind of your customers, do research on them & hear more about your customers. It will help us to draft content that is appealing. Besides this, a blog calendar will be created by Gold Prime Marketing will help you to schedule your daily posting on the basis of your customer’s engagement.

Why choose Gold Prime Marketing Content Writing Services?

Gold Prime Marketing is the best professional web marketing company Agency which has more than just the Web Marketing plan. We are a complete-fledged enterprise that offers solutions to help you develop your business and empower your efforts in writing content. To get unlimited traffic to your website we also provide the Advertising services includes AD campaigns. We also offer social media marketing & social media advertisement to provide well-established posture of your business to your targeted audience in a specific area.

Social  Media  Management

social media management & marketingGoldPrime Marketing is a company that manages Digital media platforms. We offer services such as social media, search engine optimization(SEO), and responsive website design. We build and execute high performance corporate social media campaigns. Our company manages on behalf of your social media networks, including Facebook, Snapchat, Twitter, and Pinterest. We use related marketing services in social media to help businesses to grow and achieve their goals.

Our Services For Social Media Platform:

1. We offer full-service capabilities in social media management. Turn your presence on social media with high-quality content, daily activity, and increasing followers.

2. Our advertising services in social media have proven to accelerate growth. Via social media advertising, 100% of our clients received benefits at lower costs.

3. Our email marketing tools will help you stay in the lead and boost the sales cycle. Drip high-quality content that will convince prospects that you are their best option.

4. Get relevant searches with our SEO services found on Google & Bing. Our initial and ongoing service of optimization ensures higher rankings and more clicks and help you in finding your business in more searchable tags/keywords.

5. Get immediate traffic from search engines like Google, Bing, and Amazon to your website using our Pay Per Click(PPC) Management Services. You will be getting more qualified traffic to your website through this paid advertising.

6. To promote your business and get the most out of social media advertising, you need an appropriate web site. We create top-quality websites that hold the guests focused throughout the purchasing process. Our Web building process is driven by responsive design and user-friendly experience.

Our Mission:

Our social media management services are saving more time and generating growth and sales for many businesses. Our company is expert in dealing with services such as Facebook Marketing, Instagram Marketing, and Google Marketing. Over 2000, social media marketing strategies have been used by our agency.
We have experience converting investments in social media advertising into more leads and sales. Whether it’s in real estate, consumer products, or non-profits, our social media management tools put the company to get revenue.

Keyword  Researching

Keyword Researching service at goldprime marketingWithin Google’s world of Rankbrain, A.I, and new search engine analytics–traditional forms of keyword analysis do not matter anymore. The modern digital world is formed by algorithms and indexed by robotics that is designed to understand how people thought-from purpose to semantics. The Goldprime company’s SEO team offers effective data and analytics rooted keyword research strategies to make you visible in SERPs and take your keyword performance to the next level.

Keyword Funneling

We use a keyword funnel method to group each word, term sets, and phrases relevant to the logical phase in the purchaser’s journey. Each keyword in Google that a buyer enters has a purpose behind it. Find out what terms bring the crowd to tick.

Keyword Research

Targeting the same keywords will not make it like any other. They look deeply at Google’s millions of search queries for so-called “Golden-nugget keywords,” which are the terms & phrases that provide the highest probability of converting.

Keyword Mapping

We look at the website to determine which keywords are the greatest on your links and material for different pages to aim. This helps us to differentiate the intent and narrow focus of your client so they can find what they want on your web pages.

Keyword Tracking

We provide keyword tracking services and software tools to determine the value of your keywords and change approach according to your needs. It takes a full circle to the keyword strategy as we start to refine the search technique for your website.

Companies are investing in SEO keyword research to generate sales leads and revenue, and that is precisely where we are targeting. It’s a survey of the most popular terms or long-tail keyword research, we select keywords based on their interest that will catch the attention and attract the visitors towards your business.

Search  Engine Optimization (SEO)

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) service at goldprime marketingSearch Engine Optimization is the basic need for every Digital Platform because this is the key factor to get traffic on your business and turn your visitors into your customers. We offer the right plans and strategies that relate to your specific needs and provide you with the keywords researched according to your customers

When it all comes together in a single, unified strategy, you can expect:

More Traffic:

When you achieve further exposure, you’ll start seeing a spike in traffic to the website.
We will reach customers that are most likely interested in your products, then research their most used keywords and set up them into your business so you can get the best output revenue.

More Revenue:

When the visitors will visit your website on certain keywords, now they will become your customers and you will start getting revenue.

More Brand Awareness:

The brand can become the one that the consumers think of over the entire market rivalry. We show them your brand and educate the customers about your brand.

More business growth:

The additional customers, professional leaders, and brand awareness both add to new opportunities for growth.

More Trust and Authority:

Once you reach the top of the search results, the clients will see you as the authority for the sector.

Our SEO Expert’s Team: 

Our team consists of professional SEOs with significant SEO experience ensuring quality services for our customers and push them to success. As we have professional SEOs in our department, we trust in organic SEO strategies where nothing is fake, and we concentrate only on the right things. SEO is the keyword game but not the low-quality keywords, so we perform thorough keyword-related research and then develop a specific marketing strategy for your company.

Welcome to GoldPrime Marketing, the SEO firm, where you’ll find the full search engine optimization approach. Competition is tough in the current environment, and every entrepreneur wants to list his company among the top-rated enterprises. We use different marketing techniques to this effect, in which digital marketing is perceived to have a very distinctive role. The current Internet marketing trends include the various ways SEO is the ruler. We are the organic
White hat SEO service provider that provides top-class offerings to our clients by supplying them with a safe way to grow them on top of the list.

SEO works correctly and in a systematic way, but how?

Whenever a person searches for something, there are about ten positions on every page of the search results. On these lists, the numerous websites are listed in proper order. Most of the people are likely to visit the websites that are the top three so it’s important for your company that your website should be at the peak. Therefore, you’d have an advantage on your competitors; this ensures you’d eventually lose out.

Google  marketing

Google Marketing service at goldprime marketingIn Google Marketing (Google Adwords) we offer marketing services to Google that set you apart from your competitors and enable you to execute clever, efficient and data-driven campaigns through a variety of tools and functions. Through supplying our clients with various products and our experience, we make sure we provide one of the strongest Google marketing. We recognize the dynamic nature of the market today and the value of respecting the clients.

As marketers, our number one priority is to ensure that you receive services which assist you in collaborating and sharing your customers ‘ insights while respecting their privacy and giving them control over what they share. More than 6 BILLION searches are done every day and it is important that you know when to deliver and display ads to generate an intention to buy. Through Google Ads, you can meet and influence your target audience and provide entertaining commercials that are compensated for only when activated, known as pay per click.

How The GoldPrime provides the best services?

At GoldPrime Marketing, we have a group of experienced experts who work on top of the latest developments and technologies being used around the globe. We aim to ensure we have the greatest integrity and quality in fulfilling your needs. Using our Google Marketing Services, you can understand exactly what the customer wants and provide an appropriate message at the right time, via the preferred medium.

All your data collection systems will be streamlined with our support. We will guide you with enough flexibility and information to make important strategic decisions. You will now have a better sense of which of your marketing activities has the most effective, your well-versed choices and eventually enhancing your efficiency.

What we will provide you, Let Me Tell You:


We will work with your marketing teams and provide you with the best solution while uncovering customer insights and using methods that are efficient and effective in comparison to traditional research. Now that we have Google Marketing tools such as patterns in Advertising, we will find and use in-depth information about your clients.

We will set up your Google+ Business Page

We’ll provide you with a page that allows searchers to directly find your Google+ business page through the search engine. Google Plus Setup a page that will help you segment your target or traffic better, routed to your page. In the form of Hangouts, Google Plus also has live streaming features that give you the opportunity to speak directly to your stakeholders.

Google Webmaster Tools

Spending on Google without a distinct idea can have downsides and could lead to higher expenses. Using our experience we’ll identify exactly what’s impacting the website’s traffic. Not only this, we would be focusing on organic search engine traffic to ensure that your funds are not wasted and that our maximized effort will provide you with a high-quality solution.

Google Webmaster Tool is also known as the Google Search Console, which helps you understand what keywords are being used in your rating, and how much traffic you get on your page.

We’ll use Google bot to check all of the links on your website to see if they’re available along with the sites that Google has listed to your website. You might not have an understanding about which pages being indexed from your web without the proper knowledge. We will only protect your private information and index those pages which should be made publicly available. Our experts will help you analyze the performance of your website by identifying any issues that might prevent it from becoming available on the Google Search Engine.

Google AdWords

There are more than 2.3million searches on google for each second. All of these require notifications the companies pay. Google ads or Google AdWords are an effective route to your website for traffic. They appear exactly when people are searching for certain products or other commercial offers. Google AdWords advertisements are charged through the Google AdSense System. Ads are either shown at the top of the organic links, or at the bottom of the search results.

Google AdWords is focused on auctioning for certain keywords that we think would be important to your market offers and necessary. From our vast experience, we can bid on keywords and assign a certain amount to be paid for each click on a user-made ad. We will ensure that we generate a high-quality score on the advertisements assigned by Google that makes it easier to achieve certain keywords that would be beneficial for your visibility.

The better the price ratings and the simpler it would be for us to guarantee a low cost per click (CPC). Thus we can help you improve the ROI by reducing the cost per click charged. Since we will help you maintain high-quality scores, your ads would be displayed more frequently at the top of an organic link, and more frequently. This will not only help you maximize your views but will also do this without having to spend extra money or lift your bid.


Facebook  Marketing

Facebook Marketing service at goldprime marketing

With more than 1.59 billion users worldwide using Facebook and targeting the Audiences every day, Facebook has provided a tremendous opportunity for all companies to reach the right market, sending equally important posts. It’s been years since hundreds of companies around the globe chose us as their advertising agency and as the best agent for Facebook marketing services.

Hundreds of businesses across the nation have chosen us as their go- like yours to raise awareness, get more consumers and create a brand market love. Our unique approach integrates traditional co-creation concepts, and solutions are built according to the specific needs.

What We Offer In Facebook Marketing Services!

• Research Audience

• Target specific area

• Target the interested people

• Choose gender/age-relevant customers

• Convert your Advertisement into best output revenue

Our Facebook advertisement services can boost your business and add Facebook company traffic to 10x. GoldPrime marketing lures the company to a large audience. We will help you to grow in your competitors and prove the sincerity and experience of our service in the marketing field.

We are servicing many clients over the globe and they have seen a substantial increase in their revenue.

It’s not just about posting an ad on Twitter or creating a website. It is about how the content is uploaded and marketed in an efficient and effective way. How to agree on the strategy and most critically how to pick the target audience. For the quality of Facebook marketing services, all those factors are important to remember.

We carry out all the activities to make your business socially activated. It is our job to turn your faceless company into an ideal niche brand.

Being an advertising company GoldPrime Marketing presents your business in a lucrative manner so that anybody uses Facebook, do scrolls your page. We have a devoted digital advertisement team that apply modern industry tactics and use updated gadgets to promote your worthy business to the customers and the prospects. Using Facebook as your promotional tool will work as a catalyst in the growth of your business and traffic. To make sure that our direction is right, and we have opted the right strategy for your popularity we have quality check procedures, that are Awareness, Consideration and Conversion. A Facebook marketing agency.

 Taking account business potential and through traffic, we understand the importance of this site to your progress. That’s why we have a leading digital advertising department specialist that guarantees that your success rate improves over time and that generates more and more traffic also continues profitably. In order to meet the modern requirements and standards, we consider the following factors in Facebook marketing services, the Facebook advertising agency for small enterprises.

E-mail Marketing

Email Marketing service at goldprime marketing
At GoldPrime Marketing, we also offer our help with E-Mail marketing. E-Mail marketing has for many years been one of the leading categories in digital marketing. Therefore, it is also important for your company to have a strong and structured E-Mail marketing strategy that will benefit your business.

Why is E-Mail marketing important!

As described above, E-Mail marketing is very important for your business if you want more, customers and thus a higher revenue. So, if your company doesn’t have an E-Mail marketing strategy then it’s best to get one as quick as possible, as it can increase your revenue insanely much. Many people and general companies think it’s too old-fashioned but what they don’t know is that over 2 billion people use emails, and that’s why your company should exploit that and we at GoldPrime Marketing can help you succeed with it.

Our strategies to help your business succeed with E-Mail Marketing:

We use the most user-friendly E-Mail software’s on the Market. In most cases, it is Mailchimp that we used to help businesses in different industries succeed with E-Mail marketing. But, consequently, there are also similar software’s that can be used, but it depends a lot on which industry your business is in but also what covers your needs as much as possible. We love automation and this is important if you are to be successful with E-Mail marketing. We make it easy and manageable for your company to keep up with developments and the results that we bring to you. We set up your E-Mail marketing so almost automated and easy to deal with. This makes spending less time and energy on this, but at the same time getting some amazing results that benefit in the accounts.

Website  Development

Website Development service at goldprime marketingGoldPrime Marketing offers web development services and we have an experienced team where leading web developers will help you to develop a user-friendly and responsive website. You just need to describe your requirements and here we will start working on your business idea and make your dreams come true. We provide services all around, from e-commerce to web development services. You will give a high competition in the market in a very affordable budget by using our services.

Responsive Website Design

We know the value of your brand and of responsive websites in the digital market. According to Google, if your website is not optimized for mobile screens, you lose more than 60% of your web traffic. That’s why we develop responsive websites at GoldPrime Marketing which adjust to the size of a user’s smartphone, tablet or desktop to display it. And better conversions can be seen. GoldPrime Marketing is the best full-service web design software firm that offers high-quality website creation services at a reasonable price.

CMS based Website Development

We use various Content Management System systems ranging from custom-developed CMS, WordPress development services, Drupal development services, Joomla development services, and OScommerce development services to produce enticing content that appeals to your target audience.

E-Commerce Website Development

As one of the Top leading web design company for e-commerce, we know how to create e-commerce websites that actually sell your products. We help you grow your business online by creating your own online store as an E-commerce web development service. In addition to providing E-commerce development services, we also support local payment gateway integration, distribution management solution, and self-service CMS to track the orders, add new goods, and more.

SEO Optimized Websites

It’s necessary to rank your website on Google to get more traffic and boost sales. We make SEO-optimized websites, so you don’t have to think about your scores. You can also take advantage of our SEO services to ensure your website remains ranked #1 on google. To beat your competition and lead the way in the digital world.

Let’s Get Started

We are determined to cooperate, serve our customers and find new ways to do business successfully.